Kosher Meals Catering




How does this work?

We prepare all the meals in Athens at the Gostijo Glatt Kosher restaurant. For most destinations, we send the meals with a shipping company that has special vehicles with fridges that will deliver your order directly to your hotel. For your part, you will need to notify the hotel in advance that you are expecting a package from us and provide us with the contact information of the person that has been informed about the upcoming delivery. For some specific locations and days, direct delivery is not possible, but we can send the meals in alternative ways.  

What are the alternative ways of delivering meals?

If direct delivery to your location is not possible, there are some alternative ways of sending the orders: 1) We can send the meals with the shipping company and you can pick them up from the company’s nearest storage place. 2) For island destinations, we can send the meals with the ferry in the morning from the port of Piraeus in a Styrofoam box with ice packs and you (or someone from the hotel) can pick them up from the port during ferry’s arrival. Please note that you will have to be there on time because the ferry stays at the port a limited time and then leaves... with the unclaimed packages. 3) For mainland destinations only, we can send the meals with the KTEL intercity bus and you (or someone from the hotel) can pick them up from the KTEL central bus station of the area you are staying.

Is there a delivery service every day?

Delivery services are not available on Saturday and Sunday.

Can you deliver to villas, apartments, Airbnb?

The refrigerated shipping company can deliver only to hotels or places that have the ability to receive packages all day long. If you are staying in a villa/apartment, there are a few other options: - Pick up from the nearest shipping company storage (see details #1) - Ferry (see details above # 2) - Air cargo (see details #3) - Intercity bus KTEL for mainland only (see details above #4)

Can you deliver meals for a few days at once?

Yes, to a certain extent. The meals can stay fresh for 2-3 days. If you wish to order meals for more days, we can schedule more deliveries.

How much is the delivery fee?

For most destinations and islands, including Mykonos, the price is 50 euro per delivery. For Santorini, the price is 70 euros. For Crete and Corfu, it depends on which area of the island. Please contact us with your exact location and dates for exact delivery costs.

How much in advance do I need to order?

At least 3-5 working days. But you can order even earlier.

How do I reheat the meals?

Meals are sent in double-wrapped containers and can be reheated in non-kosher ovens. In every order, we include disposable plates and cutlery, as well as instructions in English and Greek on how to store and reheat the meals.